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35 Days in China & Tibet

By WAC traveler Allison Weinkranz

I have a lot of memories of our trip to China and Tibet with the council four years ago. There’s probably a lot of WAC members who have visited both places. I have memories of walking the Great Wall and being awestruck at the enormity of space filled with the Terra Cotta Warriors

My husband, Steve, and I visited a Panda Preserve very early in the morning. That in itself was just amazing. Then we were told to wait outside the entrance. A chauffeur in full uniform picked us up in a Tesla and we were taken into the mountains!

Below is an image of the Potala Palace in Tibet,

where the Dalai Lama’s lived before China’s takeover of Tibet:

I climbed to the top

I saw Buddhist nuns praying by the Temple

I listened to Monks debating

We even learned Tai Chi from a Master in Xi’an, China and visited a silkworm factory in Suzhou, China.

Thank you to World Affairs Council traveler, Allison Weinkranz, for sharing her memories and images! If you are interested in traveling to Asia to explore more of their history and culture, here is an upcoming itinerary we are offering in April 2021: Along Central Asia's Silk Road.

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