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Beautiful and Affordable Beach Getaways in Italy

Otranto, Puglia

The charming town of Otranto features breezy beaches, white sands, and impressive whitewashed buildings. Porto Badisco and Frassanito Beach offer magnificent views of Italy’s east coast – but the beaches are small and cozy, so be sure to get there early during peak season to save your spot (Sabino 2021). Aside from the beaches, there are lots of memorable sights such as the Punta Palascia Lighthouse, Otranto Cathedral, Aragonese Castle and Church of St. Peter (Newenham 2019). Italy travel experts recommend Hotel Miramare or Corte di Nettuno for lodging, with both reasonably priced hotels located just by the water (Sabino 2021).

Santa Maria Di Castellabate, Campania

Santa Maria Castellabate is a quaint, lovely fishing village off of the Cilento coast, boasting a rich history and unforgettable views. Must-see spots include the Punta Licosa, which is well-known for its clear waters, and the Porte le Gatte, which is decorated with small boats. Unlike its crowded neighbor the Amalfi coast, Santa Maria Castellabate is a very local, authentic beach spot that is mostly frequented by locals coming for summer weekend beach trips (Sabino 2021). However, the village is still very tourist inclusive, with beautiful accommodations such as the La Giacaranda or apartments in the Palazzo Belmonte (Sabino 2021).

Scilla, Calabria

Scilla is another hot spot for local Italians, but there is something special for every type of tourist as well! The town is steeped in Greek mythology and was home to the ancient sea monster Scylla centuries ago (Wikipedia 2020). Don’t worry, the town today is home to crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, and delicious sea-side cuisines! The beach clubs are very affordable and offer Italian delicacies such as the panino con pesce spada or swordfish sandwich (Sabino 2021). Scilla is also home to the historical fishing hamlet of Chinalea, which has officially been designated as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy (Sabino 2021).

Senigallia, Le Marche

Le Marche is known for its fine wines, local cheeses, and appetizing restaurants, which makes it a favorite getaway for local Italians! The region is less visited by international tourists, so you can easily find affordable hotels and dining even during peak season (Sabino 2021). Senigallia is a sleepy, picturesque town in Le March and perfect for a relaxing weekend getaway. The city is known for its spiaggia di velluto or velvet beaches which feature soft sands and numerous beach clubs (Sabino 2021). There are also great historical sites to visit after a sunny morning on the beach, including the Rocco Roveresca which is a popular fortress built in the 1400s (Sabino 2021). You can also enjoy a stroll along the Piazza Roma or visit the nearby food market filled town of Foro Annonario.


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