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A Safari in Tanzania must be on your bucket list!

A Tanzanian safari adventure is a journey of a lifetime on account of stellar wildlife spotting opportunities and rich cultural experiences.

Tanzania has some of the most protected and diverse biodiversity in the world. Over 38% of the country is protected for conservation, so the landscape is teeming with wildlife (AIMS 2016). Massive herds of wildebeests, zebras, and African elephants roam the savannah. Long-necked giraffes eat leaves from the tallest branches. Prides of lions patrol the Serengeti, more than in any other country in Africa. Leopards and crocodiles lurk in the shadows and waters, and gazelles and coalitions of cheetahs speed through the tall grass.

Due to travel restrictions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, international travel to Tanzania has been far less frequent than usual and people have pushed their lodging and safari reservations to the future. While coronavirus enforcement and sanitation measures are quite present on the ground, some of Tanzania’s famous lodges are open and travelers are able to book last-minute slots that are usually filled at least a year in advance (Brady 2021). Some safari companies, like Micato Safaris, require and provide coronavirus testing and sanitize gear and overnight camps (Flowers 2021). Because of the low presence of human activity, the Serengeti plains and wildlife hotspots in Tanzania have temporarily returned to their all-natural, undisturbed state. Wildlife spotting opportunities are more exceptional than they have been in a long time.

In addition to a world-class display of wildlife, visitors can immerse themselves in the rich culture that the citizens of Tanzania have to offer. Originating in South Sudan, the tribe thrives in the Serengeti plains and all over Tanzania and southern Kenya (Zegrahm 2018). Savor delicious local food like fire-roasted goat and spiced rice, and experience the peaceful and unique Maasai way of life.


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