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Discover the 2021 Dubai Expo

A multi-billion-dollar scene of intricate, unique architecture and a plethora of pavilions covers the 1.7 square-mile stage in the City of Gold (Silk 2021). For the first time in Expo history, each of the 190 participating countries will have their own pavilion to feature their extraordinary traits and cultures (Expo 2020 Dubai). International organizations, such as the African Union, will display how they are tackling global challenges. The colossal Terra and other pavilions will exhibit the future of innovation and sustainability, while others will display entertainment and excitement through a thematic lens. The Expo will have over 200 food venues with bites ranging from classic street fare to gourmet, multi-sensory delicacies created using innovative technologies that showcase the future of dining.

There is never a dull moment while exploring all that the Dubai Expo has to offer. Colorful parades and pop-up festivals fill the streets with music and dancing (Expo 2020 Dubai). Around 60 live events will take place each day, including stage shows, concerts featuring multiple artists, ballet, opera, and literature festivals (Silk 2021). They are guaranteed to dazzle people with all interests and of all ages.

The Dubai Expo will showcase world-class architecture on the world stage. Each one of the hundreds of pavilions and structures is uniquely constructed with sustainable building technology. Organizations such as Pulse Group, Yaghmour Architects, and AGi Architects, have produced breathtaking architectural marvels (Expo 2020 Dubai). They feature one-of-a-kind highlights, such as the largest 360° projection surface in the world that is almost as wide as two Airbus A380s wing to wing!

The Expo is a gateway to growth for entrepreneurs and businesses with opportunities for start-ups and multinationals alike (Expo 2020 Dubai). Take advantage of conferences, summits and seminars, networking events, product launches, and other business engagement opportunities on the international platform. Innovations in the ever-changing technological world will be placed in the spotlight in the Opportunity and Mobility Districts. “High-tech” will be redefined as global producers show off everything from autonomous vehicles to space travel, and new robotics that bridge the gap between nature and technology.

Fun Fact: Expos have society-changing impacts. American ice cream cones, the Eiffel Tower, the telephone, the color television, and the touch screen were first introduced at World Fairs (Olito 2019).


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