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Five Unforgettable Destinations Along the Amalfi Coast

The charm of the magnificent Amalfi Coast has entranced travelers for centuries, with its rugged coastline, idyllic villages, and spectacular sights. Here are five must-see attractions for those seeking to experience the beauty of the Amalfi Coast!


Located in the northwest arm of the Amalfi Coast and built atop a coastal cliff, Sorrento is bustling with visitors eager to see the town’s sweeping views of the Mediterannean. Pastel buildings and luscious gardens illuminate the charm of Sorrento. Picturesque Sorrento is also known to be the birthplace of Limoncello, Italy’s sweet lemon liquor, and visitors must try a bottle when exploring the town’s shop filled streets.


Quiet and serene Ravello is an old town overlooking the sea. Ravello is a perfect place to relax and bask in the summer sun, with the towering sights from Villa Rufolo, the sprawling gardens in Villa Cimbrone, and the romantic atmosphere of Piazza del Vescovado. Villa Rufolo is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, tracing its history to the 13th century, and the annual Ravello Music Festival is a must see experience for summer visitors.

Isle of Capri

The magical island of Capri is a hot spot for travelers to the Amalfi Coast. This beautiful island is renowned for its sparkling beaches and vibrant nightlife. Only a short day trip away from the Amalfi Coast, Capri is truly a sight to behold with its quaint white washed houses and resplendent turquoise waters.


The impressive ruins of Paestum are designated as a UNESCO world heritage site, brimming with historical attractions. The plains of Paestum feature well preserved Greek architecture dating all the way back to the sixth century BCE. Paestum is also home to three major Doric style temples. Visitors can explore the disciplined architecture of the Temple of Hera, marvel at the massive substructures of the Tempio Italico, or study the antiquated paintings of the Temple of Ceres.


Salerno is one of the largest towns on the Amalfi Coast, and it is a great place to experience a mix of ancient and modern sights. Stroll along the streets of Centro Storico and wonder at the tangle of old ruins and baroque piazzas. Visitors can also head to downtown Salerno to enjoy a lively night out at bars and pubs.

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